Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sense of Adventure

Sense of Adventure
Exploring new places and ideas, I view my whole life as an adventure, full of amazing experiences waiting to happen, lots of wonderful people whom I have met and am yet to meet.

Like a person who has stowed onto a ship and after 7days abroad has stepped onto the deck for the first time and is experiencing the Wind and sun in my face and realises that the whole world lies before me ….waiting.

In another time and life I think I am a Pirate and a Genie, my life has been full of magic and I believe that traces of this are still part of my life now.

            Stretching my horizons
Best Personality Traits

My work requires me to develop strategic alliances and partnerships with a number of talented and gifted people. I have been blessed with the ability to learn how to encourage these people to work together on these projects. It has given me the wonderful gift of attracting these people into my life.

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