Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 Christmas Concert

The films above will play sequentially

The Italian Consulate in Queensland and Northern Territory in conjunction with Co.AS.It present the 2008 Christmas Concert. Filmed and edited by Alessandro Sorbello for New Realm Media and hosted by Damian Anthony Rossi. A Vespa Studios project Featuring Anna Maria La Spina and Mark Watson and Featuring the Australian Girls Choir and Zosia Kilmartin

Following last year’s tradition, this Consulate of Italy, in cooperation with Co.As.It. Brisbane, organized a free concert to celebrate Christmas together with the Italian Community and the whole city of Brisbane.

The Concert took place at the Old Museum of Brisbane (Gregory Terrace, Bowen Hills), on Sunday December, 14th 2008, from 3pm to 5pm.

Performing Artists included Anna Maria La Spina (, two world tours with the 20 million album selling group "Savage Garden", accompanied by the pianist Mark Watson and the Australian Girls Choir ( who will sang traditional Christmas carols. Zosia Kilmartin also performed at the concert which was enjoyed by over 500 people

Italian Panettone and Champagne will be served after the concert, thanks to the kind support of Com.It.Es. for Queensland and Northern Territory.

Hoping to have the opportunity of wishing you all a Merry Christmas on this occasion

I send you my best regards

Francesco Capecchi
Consul of Italy
For QLD and NT

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rome on A Motorcycle

Rome as seen from the back of a motorcycle. My friend Vasco Petruzzi and I spent a most pleasant Sunday morning touring around Rome and visiting the sights. This 7 minute film shows highlights of Rome and a street view of the Eternal City

Piazza del Campidoglio (on the Capitol Hill) is the headquarter of the Italian Government; Piazza Venezia represents the 'heart of the city'; Piazza Navona displays the spectacular Baroque triumphant architecture; Piazza di Spagna is a masterpiece of the XVIII century with its famous Spanish steps and, last but not least, St Peter's Square is the majestic access to St Peter's Basilica, the centre of Christianity.

Roman basilicas and churches. Within Rome there are about 19 basilicas to be found, out of which 3 are patriarchal: St Peter's Basilica - the world's largest basilica of Christianity; St John in Lateran (San Giovanni Laterano) - former seat of the bishops residence and the most ancient church in the world, Santa Maria Maggiore... Ancient Rome sights, Colosseum The hugest structure of its type in the ancient Rome, the elliptical-shaped Colosseum, took about ten years to build. The centre of ancient Rome entertainment, where the gladiatorial and animal combats were held, surely the top tourist attraction in Rome.

Roman Forum The central area around which the ancient Rome developed. Administrative and corporate heart of Rome.Pantheon One of the most impressive buildings of the Imperial Rome. Originally dedicated as a temple to "all the gods", therefore the name. Roman Aqueducts Baths of Caracalla Catacombs Appian Way Vatican Sights Castel Sant' Angelo St Peter's Square Saint Peter's Basilica Rome fountains, Trevi Fountain, Fontana di Trevi, one of the top Rome's attractions that is never to be missed.

There are times walking around the centre of Rome when you may feel that tourism is the city's raison d'etre. That's not entirely true, but tourists are certainly spoiled for choice in the Eternal City. In this expanding section of our Rome destination guide, we'll pick out some of the top tourist attractions and endeavour to put them into some kind of context.Colosseum - Rome's most famous tourist attraction Castel Sant'Angelo - built as Hadrian's mausoleum, later a Papal fortress Catacombs - underground burial complexes with early Christian frescoes and carvings

Rome Zoo, the Bioparco - Rome's zoo is in the Villa Borghese area and adds variety to a family holidayRoman houses on the Celio hill. Capitoline Museums - the best of Rome's ancient statuary, Centrale Montemartini - Roman sculptures and mosaics displayed in a former electricity generating plant. Museo di Roma (Palazzo Braschi) - Museum of Rome, in the Centro Storico, Museo della Civiltà Romana - Roman history, portrayed through plaster replicas and models. Museo Nazionale delle Arti e Tradizioni Popolari - folk art and traditions, Museo dell'Alto Medioevo - museum of the Middle Ages in Italy. Galleria Spada - small art gallery housed in a pretty palazzo. Galleria Borghese (book in advance) - superb collection of paintings and statues. Palazzo Barberini - another collection of paintings, Museo Barracco - small and attractive collection of ancient sculpture, Museo della Pasta - Pasta Museum

Pantheon - one of the best-preserved and loveliest buildings from the Ancient World. Trevi Fountain - dramatic fountain famed for coin-throwing. Vittoriano - big ugly white monument with good views (pay for access by lift to the highest panoramic terrace). Teatro di Marcello - Roman theatre later converted into residence. Via Appia Antica - the old Roman Appian Way lined with ruined tombs and archaeological sites. Protestant Cemetery - peaceful spot where Keats is buried. Scala Santa - Holy Staircase - pilgrimage destination. Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano Rome's cathedral. Abbazia delle Tre Fontane - little-visited abbey out of town.

The Most beautiful Hole in Rome ( la buca piu bella di roma)

The Aventine Keyhole - For those in the know, this is a popular attraction. Locals bring their visitors here to admire the impressive optical effect created by Piranesi. It doesn't sound that wonderful; some trees and St. Peter's, but few leave uncharmed. Located in the artistic and enigmatic Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta, a gate bars the entrance to the Priory of the Knights of Malta. Queue up to have a look through the ornate keyhole, and you'll see the Vatican's vast white cathedral floating at the end of a symmetrical tunnel of trimmed trees.The piazza is placed on the Aventine Hill (Aventino), which is a nice tranquil place to stroll on a sunny day. To reach the keyhole, you follow Via di Santa Sabina from the Circo Massimo (Circus Maximus) past a rose garden, two attractive churches and a couple of delightful panoramic parks. One, a walled garden filled with orange trees, hosts outdoors theatre in the summer months.