Thursday, April 2, 2015

Istanbul underground cistern

Lured by the magnificence. Of the light and carried arrived away by the haunting sounds
Underground   In this cistern, built by the conquerors so long ago, for their beauty and use, its easy here to hear the spirit, to feel it stir within. The voice is an echo from the distant past, yet it speaks to me in a language which is so easy to hear and understand. It reminds me off the majesty that lies within me and within us all. Our ancestors spoke in a way that even today the message is the same as when it was first communicated. Within you lies a great and true beauty, it's always been there and will be with you forever, one simply needs to hear and listen and it will speak to me.

It's cool here and even though there are thousands of people here marvelling at this wondrous place, it's easy to image what it will be like tonight, when everyone goes home and this place is silent, still. The large fish in the water making not even a sound, yet fully alive in the darkness and in the silence.
Each time I step away from the things that fill my life and mind, I am drawn to the silence and to the voice within me, it is when if can hear it most. There is an eternal spirit that I sense and that I have always known to be with me, is me. Al my life, and it grows clearer and louder to me each passing day. It is a direct line to all that I have been, am and am becoming, it is a life story that spans millennia and many places and people, and the common denomination is my spirit. Me. It urges me to remember and reconnect to be with it and to step into the life that is mine by divine fight one that I have earned and lived and that has shaped me without me fully understanding the process of being shaped. I am aware that to know this experience deeper there is only to step out of that easy and allow myself to rise to the surface, it is not complicated nor difficult. The only obstacle is me myself. The classic and ultimate paradox of life for humans.

The spirit begs me to leave the corners of my mind and free myself so that at it may speak with my soul, my heart and be moved to love it to know its dot let it be the way forward the only way. As Rumi said that which is you seek is seeking you.

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